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The Fleeting Days of Autumn


It is rare that I get out to photograph for myself, especially during fall.  The old saying about the cobbler’s wife holds true for me and my family.  I am often swamped this time of year with projects that take priority over any “me time” or “family time”. 

And I have a lot on my plate right now - a website project, photo shoots, sales and marketing, prepping the house for winter, cutting firewood, stocking up on supplies, finishing our new barn (pole shed), fixing the plow truck… the list goes on.

But there are days that just beg to be taken slow.  To put aside all the pressing matters to focus on what really matters - spending time with family enjoying God’s creation.

The photos below were captured the other day when I took a short break, for me.  My wife and I enjoy taking walks in our front field where I had mowed some paths.  The surrounding landscape is beautiful here.  We have birch trees, pine trees, hay fields, bean & corn fields all dotting every side of our property.


Some of our boys were taking great joy in watching the combine and tractor harvest the soybean field across the street (dirt road) from us.


They also love playing in the dirt…


My boys were impressed to see a young man driving the large tractor.  They were even more surprised to find out that the young man was only 10 years old!


We spent some time watching the big machines and then headed back to the house so we could all get back to work and get ready for dinner.


If you’re feeling the same amount of pressure as I do this time of the year, relax and take a small break for yourself.

Enjoy the fleeting days of autumn.  : )

This is America

This is America

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Featured in Spaces Magazine!


I am excited to announce that my photos have been featured in the latest issue of Spaces Magazine.  It has been a goal of mine to not only have my images used in a feature, but to also land a cover as well!  Knocking out two goals with one project was a real treat.

Of course, I cannot take full credit - if it wasn’t for the beautiful home designed by Steve Kleineman of SKD Architects and built by John Kraemer & Sons, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity.  They deserve accolades for their awesome work and incredible attention to detail.

You can read more about this home in the August/September issue of Spaces Magazine (available for free at Kowalski’s, Gabbert’s, Bachman’s, All Inc., IMS, Pomegranate Designs, Hoigaard’s, Ferguson Golden Valley Showroom, and Kitchencraft).

You can also tour this beautiful home in person on September 20th & 21st during the AIA Minnesota’s 7th Annual Homes by Architects tour!

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Whilst out on a commercial shoot in Rosemount, MN

Custom stock photos for a local food shelf…

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"Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you"
- James 4:7
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